24-hour turnaround for most projects


Skype for remote direction


Instant editing and delivery after the session


Professional home studio available


Ask about availability


Will travel away from home studio for studios with a sufficient budget


Source Connect for remote recording


All payment through PayPal


High quality audio output in any format required


Nick’s voice and heart never really grew up. His youthful energy relates to today’s most popular audiences for commercials and narration from kids to millennials. He can also smooth out any script to make it undeniably cool. He records exactly the way he speaks: genuine and conversational.

Your friendly next-door neighbor? It’s Nick. And he’s made you the world’s best nachos. Hungry for more?

If Seattle is the land of geeks, Nick is its king. Always with a finger on the pulse of nerd and gamer culture, it’s his mission to see and participate in as much media as humanly possible.

Years of experience in IT Project Management have given Nick the formality, expertise, and articulation to effectively perform technology, medical, and government VO, not to mention his role working with teams across the globe, making him a delight to work with. His degree in English literature makes finding the soul of any story seem effortless. He’s the solid foundation for projects that require unmatched determination and commitment to quality.

For Video Game and Animation VO, Nick rides into battle at the head of an endless army of characters. His vast life experiences, world travel, and vivid imagination allow him to seamlessly transition from soldier, to cuddly animal, to your worst galactic nightmare and more!